Saturday, May 10, 2008

The gem fair!

Twice a year the gem fair comes to the local fair grounds. My mom and I always go. Linus accompanied us this year.

He had a lot of fun looking at all the beads and gems and even picked out a special gift for his mom. Photography is strictly forbidden in the building, but I knew had to quickly snap a few pictures before we left.

I whipped Linus and the camera out of my bag and they were back in there before anyone realized a flash had gone off! Linus had a great time wandering among the booths, inspecting the various fossils and beads and of course, negotiating a lower price on everything! We even received a free beaded ring because one man said he liked Linus. =]

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kishcrafts said...

thats so cool! Linus looks like he is having a great time!