Sunday, May 11, 2008

Marine world or Six Flags or Discovery Kingdom.

My school choir participated in a festival (we placed 1st!) and took a trip to a nearby amusement park afterward. Technically its now called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom but I knew it when it was called Marine World a long time ago.

I am REALLY ridiculously proud of this photo! The little guy was sitting right by the glass just waiting for a photo.

It was fun, we didn't really get to ride very many rides (which was fine with Linus) because there were ridiculously long lines. Plus I'm not super fond of roller coasters. We did see a dolphin/whale show and we saw a few animals! Oh, I also got my 1st sunburn of 2008.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The gem fair!

Twice a year the gem fair comes to the local fair grounds. My mom and I always go. Linus accompanied us this year.

He had a lot of fun looking at all the beads and gems and even picked out a special gift for his mom. Photography is strictly forbidden in the building, but I knew had to quickly snap a few pictures before we left.

I whipped Linus and the camera out of my bag and they were back in there before anyone realized a flash had gone off! Linus had a great time wandering among the booths, inspecting the various fossils and beads and of course, negotiating a lower price on everything! We even received a free beaded ring because one man said he liked Linus. =]